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beer naming

This is probably a really silly idea, but we thought we'd let you, the public, name our next limited edition beer.

Add your own suggestions and/or vote on other people's suggestions. We'll choose a shortlist from the most popular, and you'll have the final say!


Please keep it clean and safe for work. No hate or abuse will be tolerated. Puns are most welcome!


Voting has now closed. Thank you so much for participating. The top 5 suggestions will now be put to a final vote over on twitter. Follow us there for updates.

We have a special prize for whomever suggests the final winning name. If you would like to be in contention, please:

Add your suggestion in the box 'other' in the poll above, and then ALSO leave us your email address with your suggestion again in the form below so we can get in contact with you if you win.

Thanks for entering!

And don't forget to VOTE on the poll itself!


You can vote for more than one suggestion and once per browser session. There are always new suggestions coming in!

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